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if you need insurance advice or assistance in preparing for retirement with an
annuity, we'd be happy to help.

Insurance fraud puts an extra $70 on the price of every annual car insurance premium.

If you have a partner and children, then the two of you should think about life insurance

We'll rebuild or repair your home if it's damaged or destroyed.

We can help you find the best plan for your trip and your budget.

In truth, there are certain forms of insurance that are an absolute requirement for all businesses

Our rental property insurance protects your property from damages

Our Company

Since 1970, Our Insurance Company has been offering low cost property insurance to satisfied customers for over a decade.

Our products are underwritten by leading U.S insurers; New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and more. As such, we’re confident we can offer discounted insurance with trustworthy names, while achieving a personal touch.

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Jason George
CEO - Founder

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Linda Dunn
Sales Director

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Nancy Gardner

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Jack Johnston

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Find Information And Get Free Insurance Quotes.